Wine Basics

Common Bottle Sizes

from The Wine Lover's Companion

Half-Split: 187 ml (typically for SPARKLING WINE)
Half-Bottle; Split; Tenth: 375 ml (half a standard bottle).
Standard Bottle: 750 ml; customary size for most wines around the world.
Magnum: 1.5 liters (equivalent of two standard bottles).
Double Magnum: 3.0 liters (equivalent of four standard bottles).
Jeroboam: There are two sizes--the sparkling wine version used in Champagne and Burgundy is 3.0 liters (equivalent of four standard bottles), or 3.0 liters. The Still Wine version, common in Bordeaux, is 4.5 liters (equivalent of six standard bottles).
Imperial: 6.0 liters (equivalent of eight standard bottles). Imperials are typically shaped like Bordeaux bottles and are used for Still Wine.
Methuselah: 6.0 liters (equivalent of eight standard bottles).Methuselahs are traditionally shaped like Burgundy bottles and are used for sparkling wine.
Salmanazar: 9.0 liters (equivalent of twelve standard bottles--one case).
Balthazar: 12.0 liters (equivalent of sixteen standard bottles); typically used for SPARKLING WINE.
Nebuchadnezzar: 15.0 liters (equivalent of twenty standard bottles) typically used for Sparkling Wine.

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