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Mis en Bouteille

[mee zahn boo-TEH-yuh (boo-TAY)]

A French phrase meaning “bottled.” Mis en Bouteille au Domaine (or Mis au Domaine) means “bottled at the estate” (ESTATE BOTTLED); Mis en Bouteille au Château (or Mis du Château) means “bottled at the château” (CHÂTEAU BOTTLED). Mis en Bouteille a la Propriete (“bottled at the property”) and Mis par le Propriétaire (“bottled by the proprietor”) have the same meaning as estate bottled. Mis en Bouteille dans nos Caves and Mis en Bouteille dans nos Chais mean “bottled in our cellars” and usually suggest that the grapes were grown elsewhere and that the wine is not the quality of one that is estate bottled.

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