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This section addresses many questions you may have about WineTasteTV.


What are the system requirements to view the videos?

For PCs:

  • Browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
  • with Adobe Flash 10 plugin or newer
  • Javascript must be enabled
  • Internet connection: Cable modem or DSL, speed of 1Mbps (128KB/s) or higher
  • Operating system: Windows 2000 or higher with latest updates installed

For Macs:

  • Browser: Safari 1.0+ or Firefox 1.1+
  • with Adobe Flash 8 plugin or newer
  • Javascript must be enabled
  • Internet connection: Cable modem or DSL, 1Mbps (128KB/s) or higher
  • Operating system: Mac OSX v10.3 or higher

How can I request a specific program or more of a certain type of program?
We're always interested in hearing your ideas about our programming. Send any suggestions or comments to

Can I download the programs to view later or burn to a DVD?
No, our licenses only permit streaming video at this time.

How do I find a program about a specific type of wine?
There are many ways to find programs on WineTasteTV. The Program Index list in the left column contains all of our programs, divided into categories. Click on a main category to expand the list of subcategories. Then click on a subcategory to view all of the videos within that subcategory.

Another good way to find programs is by using our search tool. Type a word or phrase in the search field and a list of suggested search terms will appear.


I only have a dial-up modem. Can I watch the programs without a broadband connection?
All programs require broadband (fast DSL or Cable Modem) access. It is possible to watch WineTasteTV programs with a dial-up connection, but each program will need a significant amount of time to buffer before playback is possible.

How do I get the video to work on my computer?
If your system meets the requirements, the video should play immediately. If the video does not begin once the page has loaded, simply press "Play" and the video will start after a brief buffering delay. If you have trouble, please e-mail us at

I can see the picture but I can't hear the sound.
Check that the volume control is turned up on your computer. Our programs automatically start with sound on (a mute button is provided). Also make sure you haven't pressed the mute button by mistake as the video loaded. If you still don't have sound please send an e-mail to


Are there fees for using your site or watching videos?
The content on WineTasteTV is provided free to our viewers on-demand, all the time. We pay the bills through advertising and sponsor support. You may see ads placed on our site by third-party services who have sold advertising to specific companies and placed those ads on WineTasteTV. We receive a share of the revenue from the sale of those ads but have no connection to the clients, products or services offered. You may also see ads for sponsors that we work with directly. Their sponsorships come with absolutely no promise of an endorsement of their products or services in our content. Advertising revenue keeps us in business and allows us to provide our content to you free of charge.

Do people ever pay for you to make the videos?
In addition to creating WineTasteTV, we are video producers. We are often asked to produce educational, marketing and promotional videos for all kinds of clients. In order to help support the high cost of producing original wine content, we do accept production commissions from vineyards, winemakers, hotels, restaurants and other clients. When this happens, we deliver the commissioned videos to the client and they use and distribute them however they wish. Sometimes we may also provide the video to our viewers on WineTasteTV with the clear disclosure that the video was made with the funding and/or support of the client. We will always disclose when we have received production underwriting or support for any of our videos.

Are you retailers? Do you sell wine?
We are not retailers and we do not sell wine. 


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If I have additional questions or comments, how can I get in touch with you?
Visit our Contact Us page to send feedback to any department at WineTasteTV.